in-home lessons

if you would like to be apart of our service dog program . please call 1(510)931-9257 and schedule your consult

Athens Dog Training LLC will not provide service dog certification with out a letter of need for service dog, from our clients doctor. If your Dog completes the service dog program with out a letter of need of service dog, your pet will be qualified as a emotional support animals.

Athens Dog Training LLC

Our trainer as of November 2014 has attended Psychiatric Service dog academy ( a direct affiliate of Paws For Vets)

  • Oct 1st 2015 We have founded Real Service Dog Inc. . See if you or a love one can apply for a PTSD service dog at no direct cost to you.

  • We would prefer to pair clients with rescue pets from local shelters that would be great for service work .

  • Athens dog training LLC is willing  to help select puppies from litters of clients choice and then train those puppies to meet the needs of clients disabilities

  • We will also train pets that are already part of your family for service work "if your pet shows trainability, and does not show signs of fear or aggression" Dogs that develop/have fear or aggression will be expelled from service program without refund.