Tricks/Service skills

Pets and handlers need a general understanding of obedience .
  • A fun exciting class that is for every one. learn tricks like roll over, spin, and play dead.
  • With practice and effort your pet can learn service skills like picking up dropped items, opening and closing cabinets, and other skills to help disabled handlers
  • Learning tricks is a great way to bond with your pet. tricks also exercise your pets mind making them happier healthier dogs.



for puppies 6 months and under

  • An easy going class that sets the pace for a lifetime of friendship with your pet. 
  • Puppy class is an intro to obedience. We will go over almost all of what is learned in basic, with a focus on socialization skills that will be a top priority.
  • For the handlers you will get lots of advice on common puppy problems such as puppy nipping, chewing,and potty/house training.



Basic or in-home consultation is recommended before this class.

Skill level two classes reinforce the lessons from basic obedience by adding the 3D's, distance, distraction and duration.

You will also learn knew skills like "heel', "front" mastering the walk, and more



orientation is non mandatory but can be beneficial  to new clients to come by and meet the staff and to learn basic training skills. This class is without your pet (people only) so that you can learn, ask question and become familiar  with our safety policies 

Group Class Programs

  • ​Bring updated vaccination records to insure safety of all class participants.
  • Treats will be provided the first day of class, after first class handlers will be responsible for treats.
  • Dogs 10 months+ must be neutered or spayed for group classes.  No exceptions.  
  • For more info please check terms and conditions.



​​A Class designed for dogs 6 months +

For dogs that have little to no previous training, this basic class will be the perfect start. To get you started in communicating with your pet by learning:

  • Basic cues: sit, down, stay, come when called, and more.
  • Problem solving for common unwanted behavior: digging, bolting, excessive barking, biting/play biting, other.
  • Fun interactive leadership building exercises, and  games to help build a bond that will last a lifetime.