Our Trainer; Danny is a certified Animal Behavior College dog trainer, with a lifetime of experience and love around dogs.  Before life as a dog trainer Danny was a paratrooper in the U.S. ARMY.  After service Dan, spent many years teaching and competing in martial arts, he has held several small tournament titles.  Your trainer Danny brings the discipline, focus and professionalism that these occupations required to the profession of companion animal training.  Daniel believes in training your K9 companions should be fun, rewarding experience centered in positive reinforcement.  He believes that true dog obedience/training happens through bonding with our pets.  He specializes in pet tricks like role over, leg weaving, Frisbee retrieving and everyone’s favorite play dead.  These fun tricks help build the bond, but you cannot get to tricks without basic obedience.  Daniel has designed fun easy beginner classes that every dog and owner needs.  Your trainer has a special place in his heart for shelter dogs due to experiences as a volunteer at Berkeley Humane Society.  Daniel has helped in rehabilitating many shelter dogs and has the know how to help you with the many common misunderstanding/problems that can happen between you and your four legged friend.